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Foreword - Introduction


The Keshe Foundation believes strongly that in the long-haul space travel of the future, the craft will not be able to carry all types of medicine for every eventuality, as there would be more medicine than food in the cargo. Similarly these craft cannot carry an entire team of doctors specialised in all types of disease in the event that one of them might be needed at some time in the future by one of the passengers, because with the present state of medicine there would be more doctors than passengers aboard these spacecraft.

At the same time if there is a health problem one cannot leave all the occupants of these craft for months and years in deep space until they can reach a medical station in space or on Earth where they can be treated.


Therefore the Keshe Foundation has set out to develop, produce and test new systems to understand and bring forward a new science of recovery from all ailments through one common system, which operates in a similar manner to the operation of the human body, so that in the future one system can be used aboard these craft to help people in space recover from ailments


Our Health program is based on our Space TechnologyOur Health program is based on our Space TechnologyStichting the Keshe Foundation has been involved in research and development for space for the past thirty-five years. The Foundation has developed systems that use no propulsion or jet engines for lift and motion, that can produce nano materials at room temperature and can produce energy by absorbing magnetic fields from the ambient environment. Thus we have achieved our ultimate goal and have set the scene for the future of space technology by using plasma as a fuel for producing lift and motion.


By the same measure, in the application of our space health technology we have brought together all the knowledge gained in the past four decades from all aspects of our research. We have observed how easily these new space age systems and processes can help with all the illnesses that might affect the long-haul space travellers of the future, the "Mozhans" (see below).



Plasma reactor technology

Our Plasma Reactor Technology is based on the knowledge of the basics of life and the creation of matter, antimatter and dark matter in the universe. Elementary particles are in fact collections of small magnetic fields that group together as larger dynamic plasmatic magnetic fields and interact with each other to create quarks and so forth. What is called the mass of the quark is created by the same means as the mass of any other object in the universe and is purely due to the interaction of constituent plasmatic magnetic fields within the centre of the Matter.




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