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Other diseases

Other diseases

The Foundation has been investigating the application of space health technology for different diseases and conditions over the past years and it is clear that it can be used for all types of ailments. The Foundation has run trials on prostate cancer, COPD, suspected pancreatic cancer, obesity, regaining mobility after a stroke, relief from chronic pain and many other conditions. In some cases we have achieved good progress and in others full recovery, but in general as we learn more from some trials we succeed better in the next ones.

At present the Foundation is conducting further trials in illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, lupus, chronic arthritis, prevention of and rapid recovery from pneumonia in critical cases and so on. These conditions are being studied in ongoing trials with numerous volunteers in four countries and the results are encouraging. We continue to look for similar and other conditions in order to test out this technology and to enlarge its scope and discover its limitations. In all cases volunteers are advised to continue ongoing medical treatments prescribed by their doctors and hospitals.

For each type of illness the Foundation has developed specific systems using plasma reactors tuned to the specific magnetic field properties of the organ(s) to be treated, based on the concept of plasma fusion. Depending on the case, our procedures are limited to (1) drinking water that has been exposed to plasma reactors, (2) inhaling air treated by plasma reactors, (3) the positioning of plasma reactors close to parts of the body, or a combination of these.

No additional medicines, phytolacca, homeopathy or similar are used or advised. By processing the intake of beverages and food and by bringing specific plasmatic magnetic fields close to specific parts of the body (via specially tuned plasma reactors) it is possible to alter the function of the body and to activate internal processes that add to, reduce or influence its specific plasmatic structure.

We welcome any request for assistance in recovering from any ailment. It is the firm belief of the Foundation that any limitation to recovery through our procedures is not due to the technology itself but to the willingness of the public at large to accept that one does not need to take tablets in the usual way. Secondly, since these systems work in a way that mirrors the functioning of the human body, it does not take much to succeed in overcoming all ailments in a simple and rapid manner.




The volunteer was 45 year old lady. This ailment was eradicated byusing a single air system every time she was faced with this problem at the beginning of her monthly cycle.




2 volunteers have been tested, both male. Reduction in spasms in the first three days, and then back to as before. Introduction of minerals and vitamins has had limited effect. There is possibility that the system for correction of disorder has been developed and need to be built and tested.




  • Gender: Female.
  • Age: 65.
  • Weight: All her life at 180 kg.
  • Diagnosis from doctors: She cannot be helped.
  • Date of first contact: 25.3.2007.
  • Start of the processing: 28.3.2007.


Condition on the first visit:

She was first introduced because she had painful fingers with trapped nerves for a month and was having cortisone injections and other treatments for her overweight.


Recommendations for processing:

Direct energy booster cell resetting, 3 configuration enforcing system; double tall water cup enforcement 80,000 configuration plasma; breathing through the cups initially; vitamins and mineral balance.


Results reported by the volunteer:

Daily observation records were kept on this volunteer for six months. By 1.4.2007 the pain was relieved and she could drive a car for the first time in a long while.

Gradual weight loss to:

  • 163 kg in 4 weeks
  • 158 kg in 2 weeks
  • 150 kg in 2weeks
  • 158 kg in 3 weeks - emotional problem with sister, overeating.
  • 153 kg in 2 weeks
  • 139-140 kg by 31.10.2007
  • total loss of weight in 7 months: 48 kg

She would like to continue, her target is 120 kg by March 2008. In a short while she will have to have some skin removed.




Early in the development of the technology it was found that the system has an inherent capability to soothe pain and inflammation. This was consequently tried on three cancer patients with different cancers.

  • Patient with pancreatic cancer: the pain of the cancer was resolved within 7 days.
  • Patient with blood cancer: no sign of inflammation in the blood test within 10 days.
  • Pain sustained from bone cancer through prostate was diminished within 5 days by use of a specially designed system.



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