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Nanotechnology & ict

Nanotechnology & ICT


  • Keshe plasma reactors to be used to manufacture wall graphite and other nano compounds Keshe plasma reactors to be used to manufacture wall graphite and other nano compounds The production of nanocomponents and nanotechnology wire on a continuous base in zero gravity conditions within the reactor.
  • Production of pure materials that enhance the performance of standard materials.

  • Production of wall graphite (sp2 graphene) and other nanomaterials. The production of graphene is already confirmed by Raman spectroscopy.

Zero gravity:

Production of material in zero gravity conditions in the center of the reactor for all sorts of industrial uses, such as computers.



Materials for the computer industry can be exposed directly to the appropriate safe radiation to achieve the desired effect. American and Japanese computer companies are spending billions of dollars to achieve this, whereas it can be achieved with this system at very low cost and in vast quantities, in vacuum zero gravitational conditions that can be created in the core of the reactor.

Non-tangible computers:

non-tangible computerThese computers will be thousands of times faster than present models. The components will interact on the nanotechnology level without using any connections, very much like the working of the human brain. The computer will have no tangible boundary and the current will be inclusive and as in the human brain.



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