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Other applications

Other applications


  • Welding machines.
  • Laser machines.
  • Communication systems that have no time delay, for interplanetary use.
  • Windows and doors that have no tangible material and are controlled just by magnetic field strength.
  • Systems like the ships of today that can float above the sea, where the weight of the cargo is irrelevant.
  • Pneumatic machines that will dig and bore holes without a drill head.
  • Fork lifts without limitation of weight or height for building skyscrapers.
  • Flying craft that do not need landing strips, as the systems using these reactors always hover and lift vertically. Small airports with no noise problem.
  • Buildings that can resist earthquakes without damage to their foundations or structure, as they can be built on a levitated floor separated by a few millimeters from the ground beneath, using the antigravity effect of the reactor.
  • Infrared heating.
  • Refrigeration and cooling systems.
  • Colonization systems for outer space, where the system will create gravity, current, heating, oxygen and a protective atmosphere, all in one integrated system.
  • New types of spherical satellite for communication.



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