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Gravitational technology

Gravitational positioning of spacecraft vs propulsion systems



We have proved through the systems we have developed that have an internal structure similar to the dual core of the Earth, that gravity is created by the interaction of magnetic fields within the different cores of the planet.

What does gravitational positioning mean and what does it achieve? Gravitational positioning is the principle by which all objects in the universe find their position relative to each other.

For example this is how the moon Ganymede finds its position (distance, speed) in relation to the planet Jupiter. The position of Ganymede would be different if the composition of its cores was different.

Similarly the Earth has a fixed position relative to the Sun, the Moon relative to the Earth and so on. Gravitational positioning is the point of balance between the Magnetic and gravitational force fields of one system relative to the other.


Gravitational technology

This web page gives a new insight into the gravitational technology of the system. The technology behind the development of this reactor goes back to basic understanding of the laws of physics.

The concept of creation of energy for this reactor is on the basis of the understanding of the cooperation, interaction and application of the atomic structure of the gases and matters, and Matters (Matter, Antimatter and Dark Matter), upon each other. The principle of the behavior of gases and liquids in the environment has been studied and catalogued in detail over the past decades. This is an important factor in development of any energy system, which has to be portable and light, but at the same time flexible, energetic and functional for it to be used for its merit in any system. This being used for power production, gravity or anti-gravity, shielding and medical use and so forth. For this system to be able to take advantage of above criteria it is important to use Hydrogen as the primary catalyst.



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