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Mr. Keshe on the 21st Century Superhuman Show


21stCentury Cary Kirastar Ellis Feb 13 2016 cover21stCentury Cary Kirastar Ellis Feb 13 2016 cover

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(direct link: http://www.naturallybetter.tv/mr-keshe-plasma-energy-space-travel-world-peace-brilliant/)

 Join author, host Cary Ellis with Mr. Keshe as he shares his history, how he connected with Plasma Energy, his vision for Space Travel and brilliant strategy for implementing World Peace.   LISTEN as visionary Keshe reveals his journey and discoveries pushing the frontiers of new ways for humanity to live. Consider joining Keshe Institute with students from around the world. Attend World Peace Conference Dubai April 21-22, 2016, and formation of  peace keeping council April 23. 


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Cary BooksCary Books

“21st Century Superhuman is the guidebook for these times and one of the most important books on the planet…” [Carl Franklin of Key to Life Mystery School Experience]

Cary Ellis hosts easy to follow discussions and multi-media workshops on cutting edge topics, as together we move into a new Earth civilization founded in LOVE, Creativity, Peace and Plenty for all.

Dubai Peace Event!

The Keshe Foundation is proud to announce:


1 Planet, 1 Nation, 1 Race Event in Dubai!

April 21st, April 22nd

 1p1n1r event1p1n1r event


See our workshops for more information:


We present an extended 2 DAY Event

(orginal event was scheduled for 1 day, extended due to demand!)



3 Days and 3 Nights in the Beautiful, 5 STAR, Atlantis Palm Dubai!

(850 spaces available in this hotel)

 Atlantis fireworksAtlantis fireworks


Tickets for the event start at 500EUR each!

(not including Atlantis Style Tea and Lunch during the breaks of the conference)


We offer the Deluxe Room, with the possibility to stay an additional 5 Days at an incredible price!  

*This is based on DOUBLE OCCUPANCY*


Atlantis Deluxe RoomAtlantis Deluxe Room


Highlights of the Atlantis Palm Dubai!

Atlantis activityAtlantis activity Atlantis CabanaAtlantis Cabana
Atlantis experienceAtlantis experience Atlantis BallroomAtlantis Ballroom


This will be an all-day event that will last 2 days.  


During the day, there will be an Atlantis Style Tea


 as well as Lunch at the prestigious Atlantis Palm Dubai restaurant!


On April 22nd, the Keshe Foundation will have a Luxurious Garden Galla.

Refreshments and a Live Band!  


Starts at 9PM and will go late, into the night.  This Galla will be the final activity for

this Event, please choose it from the options below to attend!


The Atlantis Palm Dubai Outdoor Experience!

Atlantis Galla outdoorAtlantis Galla outdoor


See our Webshop for tickets!  Dubai Peace Event



KFSSI Products


New products available directly from the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute!


Pain Pad and Pain Pen



 KFSSI pain pen padKFSSI pain pen pad


Now available in the Webshop!

Health Blueprint Teaching

Special Health Blueprint Teaching


January 26th, 2016


We will be having a special Blueprint teaching from the Innovation team in Phillipines!


New health systems will be presented and it is for humanity.  Nowhere has such innovations be shown openly, for people to BUILD ON!  


Gather everyone and be ready for a SHOCK, next TUESDAY, January 26th!






Knowledge Seekers Workshops Zoom Meetings are held at:






Magravs-Power Systems


The Keshe Foundation is advising that systems manufactured, from the Foundation, as well as those that built systems at home, are in perfect working order.

Until this point, as per the manual, the systems are in a conditioning phase.  The method on how to use the systems properly, as a 2KW surplus power unit, will be announced on Thursday, December 10th. This will be during the Public Knowledge Seeker Workshop, available on the following links:



ZOOM Broadcast

Conditioning should have been performed over the last 3 weeks.  The Keshe Foundation has been advising about the conditioning of the systems since the first Blueprint Teaching Workshops and this process must be followed by all customers and builders.

If you have built a system, as per the blueprints, it must be advised to NOT paste the nano-coated coils with an abundance of GANS. Instruction has been provided during the 90th Public Knowledge Seekers Workshop.  

Please see this video for important information (clip of the 90th Knowledge Seekers Workshop ~4min long):

3rd Ambassador Invitation

Previous sessions: 


84th Knowledge Seekers Workshop


along with


Archive of the 3rd Ambassador Meeting in China!


 October 22st



Livestream: https://livestream.com/accounts/15210385/ambassadors


Youtube (3rd Ambassors Meeting Rome): https://youtu.be/eqwxKwG93Hg



Ambassador InvitationAmbassador Invitation



We all can be involved with the release of the technology!

See the post on our forums for listings of the embassies:  HERE


3rd Ambassador Invitation Gallery



Pictures from the 3rd Ambassadors Meeting:




 magravpowerrowresizedmagravpowerrowresized nigeriaambassadorresizednigeriaambassadorresized  





We have provided Magrav-Power systems, as the Keshe Foundation, to the attending ambassadors!  

We all can be involved with the release of the technology!

See the post on our forums for listings of the embassies:  HERE


New Technology to Free Humanity



A New Technology To Free Humanity



Since the release of this broadcast, the Keshe Foundation has introduced a NEW product into the market that is revolutionary.  Now, 2 weeks later, there is a major announcement regarding the NEW TECHNOLOGY!


You can join us on the broadcast page for the 70th Knowledge Seekers Workshop (Streamed from YouTube)!


Please use the picture below to access the Live show (9AM CET, July 16th 2015)!





The New Technology that Frees Humanity



The New Technology That Frees Humanity



This broadcast is scheduled for July 30th, streamed on Livestream


Streamed on YouTube via our broadcast page:

Click on the picture below to access our broadcast page!





Opening of the Spaceship Institute (KF SSI)




The Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute (KF SSI) is set up to teach to industry, organizations, and individuals, how to develop systems and technologies based on the Keshe Foundation knowledge. Nestled amidst the beautiful shores of Bari, Italy, the Institute is poised to become a central hub in the spreading of plasma technology and knowledge. With its state of the art, twenty-first century facilities, the Institute will be able to provide students and staff an immersive way to learn the plasma technology, to be the leaders of the new generation of scientists and plasma engineers.


The aim of the KF SSI is to teach and train every individual who goes through the programs, to enable understanding of the full principles of the workings of universal systems. This provides the knowledge to be able to survive anywhere in the Universe, with the peaceful use of the MAGRAV plasma technologies. The KF SSI welcomes people from all parts of life, from highly-trained experts, to individuals who simply want to learn. There is no pre-requisite for applicants other than agreeing to the World Peace Treaty for peaceful development of the Magrav technologies.


The learning environment at the KF SSI is open and adaptive. The emphasis is on developing a deep understanding of principles, rather than accumulating empirical knowledge. Students will be exposed to the basic Magrav plasma principles and related applications of positive gravitational positioning, creation of new materials, production of power, and health benefits.


The KF SSI is primarily a space-based organization, and learning all aspects of survival in space is a priority. Students and graduates will find job opportunities in support of KF SSI space technologies, and in spin-off companies of service to mankind on Earth. The unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical training, will enable KF SSI students to develop an understanding of the Universe not available anywhere else.


Official inauguration: April 21st, 2015


Please visit: https://spaceshipinstitute.org/


The world peace invitation and release of technology: The 2nd international presentation: How to become an axis of evil

We have been asked to make our point clear about the upcoming expected and possible war between Iran and US.

We release the new information below to pre-empt any new plans for a new war in the world and as a prelude to our conference in September.

We explain here how nations like Iran are made to look as if they become an axis of evil in the eyes of the international community through pre-planned actions of some nations to start new international crises.

Prepare yourselves as this will be a long read, but it is important that one understands why we call upon nations for our upcoming meeting. We are fully aware of what we are releasing and now we want not only the nations but the citizens of the earth to understand the real depth of the Foundation's knowledge of the hidden working of all nations and the reasons for our actions, even though sometimes they look as if they are against our ethos. (Please advise if you see any mistakes in the text for them to be corrected.)

The second part of this statement will be released soon by the Foundation.

For those who do not know, here we lay the groundwork for the effort of the Foundation for the peace conference due on the 6th of September of 2012 in Keshe foundation centre in Belgium.




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KFSSI pain pad Pain Aid Pad

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  CO2 Capture Kit

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KFSSI pain pen resized

Pain Pen

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