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Principle of magnetism

Question from the forum by Samal4:

Just today, I received news from Reuters that a man can attract metallic objects to his body! Click the link below to see the video report based on this matter, and I wonder what's the cause for this man to operate such phenomenon.

Answer from MT Keshe:

Since human bodies are not all made of the same and exact combination of matters, hence they produce different Magravs, even though we all look as having the same two legs, arms and internal organs, but in truth different bodies can create different fields that these can attract or reject any matter or fields of any strength from his environment and as one can create fields of different strength, this means that different bodies are receptive to different field strength and matters and all human bodies can attract or reject different matters and fields as others. 


Plasmatic Magnetic Fields and SEPMAF's

Our general hypothesis is that the creation of matter does not require excess temperature or extreme pressure. The characteristics of all matters can be reproduced by altering the fundamental plasmatic magnetic energy (PME) of Specific Entangled Plasmatic Magnetic Fields (SEPMAF), as seen in PME A and PME B in the image below. SEPMAF's are what we call today in physics the fundamental parts of particles and atoms. Protons, neutrons and electrons are collections of SEPMAF's where their magnetic fields have a specific structural magnetic entanglement, for example the double plasmatic magnetic structure shown in the first image 1A.





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