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First concept

First concept

In a feasibility study of 16 March 2005, a reputable scientist from a top university in Belgium wrote regarding the discovery of this new technology: “The principle described processes similar to the energy production in stars,” and he goes on to say, “The concept behind this method of energy production is feasible.”


Solar ecological balanceSolar ecological balance

This technology is under continuous development and recent results from several static and dynamic working prototypes confirm the new insights. For example, for the first time we have managed to create atomic hydrogen and carbon as gas and as solid matter at room temperature and in atmospheric conditions. At present the conventional production of graphene needs temperatures of 700° to 800°C and the production CO2 as solid matter takes place at tens of degrees below zero. The production of atomic and wall/layer and multi-layered graphite through use of this new method has been confirmed by Raman spectroscopy carried out by leading institutes and universities in Europe. Through development of these technologies several international patents with over 300 potential uses have been filed in past years.




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